Monday, June 13, 2016

Iris Gets Mani/Pedi

Alright, Dear Readers, go back in time with me to March.  I haven't felt well, and still don't, but I'm hoping to catch up on some blogging.  This heat is reconfining me to the couch.  The upside to that is catching up on this.  :)

I think I put in here previously that Iris has a bit of panic disorder.  She had been having quite a rough time, and really dreaded the days when I dropped her siblings off at their homeschool-school (oxymoron, right?)

So one day, I could see her anxiety coming on strong, and  I just didn't feel like putting her through the wringer.  It's hard to concentrate and "do" school when your terrified.

So we drove about 5 minutes away from the 'school' and I surprised her by walking her into the "Nail Bar."  We had the BEST time.

They let us sit where there was a girl's kitty chair next to a grown up chair.  She was able to adjust the lighting, temp of the chair, the message feature in the chair...everything.

While her feat were soaked, and slathered with lotion she just leaned back, and closed her eyes.  I dont know how many times she sighed and said, "This is WONDERFUL!"  She especially loved it when they wrapped hot towels around her legs.  And I did too, oddly enough, I've never in my life had a pedicure before this one.

While, we knew we couldn't do this every week, it was a lovely time together, and a nice break!  And sweet baby girl must have thanked me a hundred times!

Oh, and I HIGHLY recommend the Nail Bar!

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