Friday, July 8, 2016

Mother's Day '16

We met up at PFChangs for Mother's Day dinner this year.  We all love it, plus they're awesome to Lucy which makes us all love it more!

They made Sherry card, she just didn't hold them up for pics.  She is the BEST AUNT IN THE WORLD!!!  For real.  Most moms say no one loves their kids as much as themselves, but (THOUGH I LOVE MY KIDS MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF), I have someone who, if anything ever happened to Stephen and I, loves them like I do.

Here's Nena with the kids...and their cards.  Her eyes are still recovering here, but she sure did hold up impressively!!  (Still need prayers ya'll, she's recovering from surgery on them now and is in much pain.)  But hopefully we gave her a wonderful mother's day, because she's WONDERFUL!

Nana and the kids.  This lady has taken over ALL my chores and then some.  I try to occasionally do some dishes or laundry before she can get to it, but it's almost impossible.  I'm a slow thinker and doer.  And she's an automatic thinker and doer.  And occasionally amidst all her constant work, she gets to join in on the kids pretend-play :)

Kids and I.  Sweet, sweet cards!

Stephen bought me ANOTHER new camera, just what I wanted, because I put them through the wringer.  A camera lasts about 2 years in my possession.  I use them like crazy and don't seem to know how to not beat them up.

Annual Mother's Day pics!!

why it's hard to get a good pic if Clyde's around....

 Much love, Readers!!  Happy Very Late Mother's Day!!!

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