Monday, July 11, 2016

North Carolina for Father's Day

This year, we went to NC to celebrate Father's Day with Stephen's Dad.  We got to see LOTS of family while we were there, and were once again, welcomed warmly into Joey and Tammy's house the whole weekend!!!

Fun to just hang out with!!  Wish we had gotten some pics with more of Stephen's cousins, guess I just didn't have camera out enough!

 A shooting range was quickly pulled together....boys were PUMPED!  Much caution taken!

Girls donning ear protection, though they never went outside during shooting ;)

waiting for church to boy, it's hard to catch him not talking or moving :)

swinging outside church after service

cousins!  These kids are all so sweet!!  I enjoyed watching them all interact.  If one of mine wanted to go down to the creek, wrestle, perform a play, play minecraft, or turn cartwheels, someone was always game.

 Clyde had a new wound nearly everyday, and had to get a tetanus shot upon returning home.  He also broke a bike and a drawer while we were there.  Boys.  :)

But he was also very good at being a clown and making the little laugh!

Some of the grownups chilling...

Pic with Papa after giving him his cards...

And with Daddy...

Iris enjoyed playing with Papa's woodstove even though it's summer...

Cute pic of Tammy holding Haleigh, her youngest grandaughter...

Good times with family!!

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