Thursday, July 27, 2017

Anniversary 2016!! Because I'm a Year Behind on My Blog

We always celebrate our anniversary a month early, because July is just easier for my sister to host what everyone calls "Camp Sherry."  This is when Sherry and David keep the kids for 4 nights.

I, as you can see from the title of this blog, am WAAAAY behind on blogging, a year behind.  I thought about giving up, but I'm hoping I'll start feeling more up to doing it.  And hopefully I'm getting more used to my new, and by new I mean 1-year-old, picture software.  (Boo!  I miss Picasa so badly!)

Moving along...

I can't remember what else we did with our time, since it was a year ago... but we ate Hibachi

And then ate at a ramen house downtown!  That was pretty novel and fun!

And so we celebrated 16 years together!  He's been precious, and loves unconditionally!!

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