Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Little Seamstress

This is Lucy's first "real" sewing project. By "real", I think she means, I didn't help her much and she had to do a lot of work. First she washed the fabric, picked out her project and design. Here she is doing her own ironing. She sort of burnt herself twice :( But she was very brave and kept going....this is monumental folks, cause she's my wimpy kid when it comes to pain! And just so everyone knows how much patience this poor girl has with her procrastinating momma, the day that she cut and pieced this project was back in MAY!

Next, she told me for whom this project was intended...she decided this herself and told me she was NOT keeping it herself. Then she cut all the pieces out herself and started marking the seam allowances.

I demonstrated how to thread the machine, then I meanly pulled it all out and left her to do it herself. Here she is piecing her squares together.

Nine months later....her Mommy finally pulls the pieced square out for her to complete. Now for the fun part!.....the hand work! Just so everyone knows, I think Lucy's sewing kit is the cutest in the world!

Okay, okay....I did pin her project together and tie her knots, but that's truly all I did and I didn't tie very good knots. So here's a close up of one of her sweet-baby-girl-hand-stitches.

This was all very frustrating at first, but she persevered. See that face, her frustrated face crackers me up.

All of that hand quilting was nothing to the time-consuming binding which she did the next day. But here she is with her finished product. Oh the joys of finishing a piece of hard work.

And the final it to Miss Emily, whom it was intended to go to for nine months! Yay!


  1. Awesome! I am very impressed! Actually, I am very, very, very impressed!

  2. Well, thank you (on behalf of Lucy) very, very, very much ;)

  3. I love it so much! I'm showcasing it in my bedroom.

  4. Yay! I am so glad. I will make sure and tell her. She must have asked me, "Do you think she will like it?" a hundred times. Then she apologized for asking so much, the sweet munchkin!