Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Stuff :)

Lucy starts making her valentines by cutting 3 hearts per valentine....she's making 30 so....well you can do the math....and that doesn't count the circles and leaves. :) Here's a close up of one completed Valentine.and here's the whole bouquet!Here are Iris' valentines...she glued princesses onto paper and traced her name on the back. Some how I didn't get a picture of her doing this :(But the REALLY bizarre valentines to create were Clyde's, which required 30 Clyde heads cut out of wallet sized pictures. Kinda freaky looking, huh?Here's Clyde with a completed Valentine.Here's a shot of all the Clyde-aliens drying.Cupcakes for the homeschool group Valentine's party.ummmm....a close up of CHOCOLATEthe kiddos making boxesthere are the boxes....just waiting! here are the kids trying to deposit their valentines. Fun was had by all, I hope!!! Sorry about all the pics and words that I accidently typed as links! :) It's late and I'm not fixing it.