Monday, February 1, 2010

Rissa's Birthday Dinner

This was the first year Iris got a birthday dinner. You may have read about our "birthday dinners" in my previous blog. Once the kids are old enough to ask for their own dinner, Mom and Paul take us all out to that child's choice of restaurant for their b-day. Iris' pick was Logan's. She calls it the "peanut restaurant". Here you see why she is our silliest child.
After dinner we went to my Mom's and had cookies....with LOTS of icing. Here we are kissing our new four year old.
Here she is hamming it up while big bro and sis show their affection. She's not usually this sweet when they do this, but she knew the sooner she cooperated the sooner she'd eat that cookie ;)
Mom and Sherry kiss the four year old ham.
Just general cuteness. Afterwards, she opened gifts. My favorites are always what her brother and sister buy her with their own money. Clyde bought her a microwave and Lucy bought her some kiddie eye shadow. But I think her favorite was this....
Her aunt Sherry got her some shoes with "diamonds". She wears them constantly, even on the COOOOLD days. Kinda like fingernail polish...I don't know where she got that love for shoes!