Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Call Me Irresponsible Indeed

There's a reason for the name of my blog. Growing up I heard "you are the most irresponsible person" very often and from numerous people. I'm not proud of this. But somehow, try though I might, I haven't changed much.

My merciful and loving husband says I can't help it, it's just the way I am. I've tried over and over to prove him wrong in our nine and half years of marriage. But he's right. I'm ADD and some other things and my mind just doesn't work like other peoples' do for some reason. I'm trying to embrace this (not irresponsibility, just the fact that God made me different) so hence, the title and my fondness for the song.

In my childhood, I never remembered ANYTHING. Well that's not true... I remembered everything that I read out of the encyclopedia. Yes that was my pleasure reading when I was in elementary school. I was full of useless information and had no common sense or ability to retain say the fact that I was NOT supposed to ride the bus today.

So here are some of the ways I tortured the adults around me: Figuring it was okay to take my rabbit to school, Losing approximately (these are the ones I remember) 12 purses, 15 pairs of sunglasses, 5 wallets, 4 sets of keys, a violin bow and a pass port (5 days before my international mission trip), I RARELY remembered what I was supposed to do for homework, constantly lost planners in which I was supposed to write stuff down so I could remember it, I locked a baby in a car. As I read this, I'm overwhelmed by the small fraction that this paragraph represents. There is really no way to convey to everyone how bad it really is.

So knowing that....

I'll tell you about today.

I was supposed to meet a young friend of mine sometime during the month of February. Guess what. I forgot. So, my plan was to meet her today. So I simply asked some lovely ladies from my church to watch my kids for a while today, which they graciously did. But on my way out the door, to meet Gretchen for my first kid drop off, I locked my kids and myself out of the house and out of the car. We got very cold very quickly.

Stephen to the rescue! He immediately drops what he's doing at work, doesn't say a negative word and drives all the way to our house from down town.

Disaster averted. I'm on my way. Wait. Oh no! I forgot to feed the kids lunch. It's 1:40. Go to McDonalds. Make the kid drop. Head toward our church. Wait! Oh no! I forgot my lesson for my bible study class (I'm the teacher...kinda need a lesson). Drive home. Get lesson.

Okay, good. Now we're on our way. Uh-oh. I forgot to fill the tank up with gas and now it's empty. I pull into a gas station. Iris gets out to help me fill the tank. We get done pumping gas...and realize we're locked out of the car. Iris and I play "I spy" in the gas station while we wait for our knight in shining armor.

Yes folks! Twice in one day.

Stephen to the rescue...AGAIN. No frustrated or angry words. Slightly not smiling face. What a man. He asks if I'm okay....hmmm good question.

I make the second kid drop. I head to church. Take my lovely friend to dinner. My check card is DENIED! TWICE! Okay, so this part wasn't my fault...but still what an addition to my already fun filled day! I strongly dislike computers. Just guess who I call to come rescue me???

Was he mad? Nope.

Cause he's The Bomb.

But yowzers! What on Earth am I????

I'm coming to grips with this....sorta. I get frustrated with God. I ask Him, "Don't You want me to glorify you???? How can my being this deficient glorify You?" I think it's to keep me humble. If I do something right, it sure isn't by my own strength. It's so very obviously Him leading me. I have friends who remind me of events, my sister call and reminds me of birthdays, Stephen calls and reminds me of EVERY LITTLE THING I HAVE TO DO EVERY DAY. And if He didn't, I would forget. So I pray constantly, "God, please help me with so and so....please don't let me forget." And sometimes he says, "Okay" And I always know he's answered my prayer, because it's just not like me to get things so right.


  1. Been there done that and my medicine is Midorine when I am on my feet for more than an hour in a day. My blood pressure is too low most of the time...hence no brain memory due to not enough blood flowing to the brain...hence...I don't "ACT" blonde when I am on this medicine...hang in there it gets better I promise! My medicine and water are my fix with an occasional Gatorade/Powerade mixed in.

  2. Girl, your joy and honesty in the midst of strong frustration and your ability to accept Stephen's help instead of hiding difficulty is a TREMENDOUS act of glorifying God. He didn't say we glorify Him in our totally together suburban supermom acts. We glorify Him in OUR weakness. How many people will see you and Stephen work together, still enjoy each other, and keep on keeping on?? Tons - and every one (neighbors, gas station attendants, your kids!) of them will ask, "what gives?" That my dear, is glorifying God. You are a delight to know!

  3. I know the feeling!!!! My husband says that I would lose my head if it wasn't attached. I have a very good memory at SOME things but most I don't. I can sympathize with the multiple times of being locked out :( I guess I need to make 100 copies and hide it in 100 places!! I'm worried about forgetting things when my kids start school :(

    At least Stephen is VERY patient :)

  4. I once locked myself out of the house...the problem was the kids were in the house. It was right after Lilly was born, Pierce was 2, Meg was 1, no help there, they couldn't even reach the door knob. I went next door to call Matt, he worked downtown at the time, but the people there do not speak English and had no idea what I was saying. (I am sure this had nothing to do with me completely freaking out!) I ran up and down the street trying to find anyone home with a phone, and finally my knight came to the rescue. I don't think the kids even noticed I was gone. What a blessing to have such a wonderful husband!!