Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dear Lord,

Gracious Heavenly Father,

I have just received the ambulance bill.
We need a new roof.
I'm afraid our carpets are bothering Lu's....and my allergies.
We just took ANOTHER loan out to fix our car.
The other one is breaking down presently.

There are many other things...but I need not list them for You because You know them. Thank You that I am not afraid. You have always provided for us (during much worse times) and maybe I finally realize you always will? I have friends in worse situations than myself. I ask You, in Your merciful and overwhelmingly gracious love, to help us all through our financial (and other) mire.

Thank You so much for Job. He humbles me and makes me feel like the ungrateful pig that I am. Thank You for the overwhelming blessings You have heaped upon me. I am spoiled in the good health of my family, the home that I have, the friends and family that love me and all the rights we have in this country. Not to mention all the food. Thanks for the food. I like it very much. Thank You for the clean water and lack of digestive problems that comes from said clean water. Thank You for my air conditioner, appliances that make my life easier and for beautiful things. I REALLY love beautiful things. Thanks for music and that it is so easily accessible to me.

Thank You most of all for making eternal provision at your own great sacrifice for such a miserable soul who cannot even comprehend all the ways in which she should be thankful to You.

How on Earth can I possibly worry about this bill while you twirl the universe about on your fingers?

You are completely holy and completely unfathomable.

How can it be that i am Your child?


  1. Love you and feel your prayer personally. I remember our 'sticker shock' when we got Mollee's 911/ambulance bill. Praying for you peace at this time - I hate financial woes!

  2. He hears your prayers Mandy! We almost lost our house 4-5 years ago after Rachel's and Paul's health issues escalated and I was out of work during this time due to health issues of my own. We prayed and hunkered down and sacrificed a lot of "wants" that were not "needs" and we are finally getting there but it took a lot. Pray to Jesus for he hears our prayers and is always there...we see now why we went through this and it has been and is life changing.