Monday, April 26, 2010


It's kinda weird how Stephen's business trips are scheduled. We'll go 6 months without one and then bam, there's like 4. We have just not been feeling our best lately and blogging was the last thing on my mind. So I didn't blog our last adventure.

Business trips are always interesting. Lots of times we'll find free things to do, which in the past has enabled us to encounter rattlesnakes, dislocate elbows and many other assorted misadventures.

The last trip we went on was to an area very near to an old home of ours. You may have heard me refer to the "spider house"....well, it's been four years since we've seen it. It stands as a big monument in our lives and I decided (since I don't presently have one) to take a here you go. The Spider House :) It was really weird to look at it and know it had been four years since we had seen it. Weeeird.

We went to a very wonderful, very reasonably priced kid's museum which we used to frequent 4 years ago when I felt like driving 45 min.....and here's my photo dump of it.



auto mechanic school

the wetland

for part of school, the kids and I timed a snail (you far can it go in a minute and things you always wanted to know like that :) The twig was it's starting line.

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