Thursday, July 8, 2010

Floor Frustrations Already

Okay people, you know those pics of my really pretty floor that we worked way to long on (instead of properly playing with our kids and doing laundry). They are in jeopardy. We put what was labeled "clear water-based polyurethane" on them.

They are YELLOW. Not a consistent yellow that I could try to work with....but a splotchy, puddly yellowish. Like it has been exposed to cigarette smoke for a century (Stephen gave me this word picture and now I can't dislodge it from my brain).

Any advice????

Future-brother-in-law, especially seeking advice from you, since you're in the know.

Thanks, all!!!!


  1. i had that happen to a rocking chair once, and it was only like a year old. maybe it has something to do with the sun? i'll check back for other people's answers.

  2. Did you thoroughly stir the poly? If you stir it by hand, it may take at least 5 minutes of vigorous stirring, whereas if you use a stirring paddle that attaches to a drill, it should take about 2 minutes. Look for what is called striping on the top surface of the poly. If it's not stirred thoroughly, you will see two separate colors on the surface, swirled in an expanding spiral. Personally, I prefer oil based varnishes, so that's about as much as I can tell you, except that all polyurethane eventually yellows. It shouldn't be yellow straight out of the can, though, and definitely should not be splotchy.

  3. (make sure to stir the bottom of the can well. the poly separates, and the heavier substance settles.)

  4. thanks Camille and David. since it's already petty messed up I think we'll be starting over. oh well. but thanks for the advice, i'll definately use it this 2nd time around.