Sunday, July 18, 2010

They Did It!

Back in March I took my kids to Learning Express for the first time.

(I know I could that have possibly been our first time??)

Anyway...we went because I discovered that my kids had apparently, for quite some time, been feeling left out at church because they didn't have silly bandz. Normally I don't really care if they have the latest thing or not, but these things were ridiculously inexpensive. They never told me they wanted some...I had no idea! I found out quite by accident.

So we went...and we found THIS....

and that's all it took. It was LOVE at first sight ;) Only an air pogo is not quite as inexpensive as silly bandz. I told the kids they would have to save their own money for it. It took some convincing, but Clyde finally talked the girls into putting all of their money together and saving up.

Here's the jar I made them. Lucy drew the picture of the tree and air pogo. Each red line represents $10. This was of course taken after they raised all the money. Relatives gave them jobs to do when they heard about the project. I was very surprised at how quickly they raised the money.

Here they are with the full jar.

Here they are running to the Learning Express.

and into the Learning Express.

And paying for their precious purchase....those dear sweet ladies cheerfully counting all of that change!!!

And the finished product!!!

I'm so proud of them. And so happy they've learned the benefits of saving in such a fun way! Stephen and I didn't learn that until after these lovely bundles were born!!!


  1. awe i love how you recorded that memory!

  2. Good One!!! We are in the process of learning about saving - why does have to be so painful? :) None of them have on Silly Bandz, so did they get them?? - you can get a pack of 12 at Toys R Us for 99 cents (generic brand)

  3. I love this post! We had to do the same thing to get a trampoline. That was a lot of lawn mowing but I'll never forget it!