Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Balm

I have not been in touch with my inner musician in quite sometime.

I'm having to dig her out.

I attempted it first by trying out the new church orchestra. Well, the room was hot ( I don't DO heat) and I couldn't even hear myself to tell if I was in tune or not so I just left thinking...hmmmm. This is not what I was going for. I mean, I've played in an orchestra before, but there were no strings this time with several trumpets and flutes at my ear. WHAT was I playing. I'm still not sure. But IF someone heard me, it couldn't have been pretty.

I give up easily, especially when my passion is unstoked and my husband says something like, "you're involved in too much, you need to give something up."

but then I got this call.....

I'm at my mom's discussing the oh-so-wonderful details of my sister's wedding when my cell phone rings

It's the mother of some of my friends from my Dad's old church from about the time I was 13-16 years old.

She tells me her youngest son is getting married (he's a few years younger than me) and he wants me to play at his wedding. Now. I haven't seen these people 14 years!!! ( I think) And they went to the trouble of tracking me down somehow.

He's getting married in 2 weeks. Almost.

Of course I say yes! I mean how wonderful! And I am so flattered. My husband is not...but he's handling it well.

So I've been practicing my violin and now am the proud wearer of short fingernails once again.

Well, he calls today and his fiance wants to walk down the aisle to a song by Meiko, to which there IS NO SHEET MUSIC.

So right now, I am of course writing my own arrangement of this song and am having such a STINKIN GOOD TIME USING MY ACTUAL BRAIN CELLS!


Just had to share. It's not everyday that I get to do something brain stimulating.

The end.