Monday, February 21, 2011

Thanks Uncle Brent and Aunt Dyan!

Thought you might want to see the work they did on their building kits!  They turned out great and the kids LOVE THEM!

They also love the movies!  Thanks big!!

Iris building her game box...

hers was actually super easy, she quickly figured out how to build it and refused all help...

Lucy building her picture cube (which now resides in her "club" (aka-under her bed) and now holds all her secret club treasures).

She readily accepted help, but was very capable and enjoyed building it...

Clyde building his pirate ship...

his was appropriately the most difficult ( he loves a challenge ) and he loves doing 'manly' things like this :)

and the finished products!

These were really just perfect gifts for them.  Thanks so much!!


  1. Cool! I might be interested what those were. Daeg loves "building" and his birthday is coming up....

  2. Ha! i see your husband doesn't mind sacrificing his fingers, either :) We have brave men!!!!
    that looks like fun! you kiddos are getting so big! Glad you guys are well.