Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pictures from NC


I've just now been able to put some pictures up, readers may remember, my camera is broken.  Some of these, Stephen's Aunt Paula took and have been loaded on Stephen's work laptop and some I took with disposables.  I MISS my camera!!!

First, this is Nana, with half of her grandkids.  These would be all of the offspring from her twins (Stephen and Charity)  Soulea, Nana and Clyde in back.  Devonne, Mirzanna and Lucy in the middle.  Then, Makayla and Iris up front.  Sweet kids, all of them!  And they just adore being together :)

Here are Stephen and Charity,

a bunch of the men folk, out with the grill.  Stephen's cousin, Joey, Stephen, his Dad (Brice) cousin Steve and uncle, Milton.

Charity and her fiance, Kevin, helping Mirzanna with a pogo stick.

A bunch of family eating.  Stephen's cousin Joey and his wife Tammy were precious to let us invite ourselves and everyone else over :) 

Stephen's dad (aka Papa) with Devonne :)

bunches of cousins.

Lucy and Courtney swinging across the creek.

Clyde with his VERY favorite cousin EVER, Summer.

Soulea and Dawson, playing what boys play ;)


We had such a great time!  Thanks everybody! Especially Bobbi, Brice, Joey and Tammy!!!  It was awesome seeing everybody!!

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