Sunday, April 24, 2011

Resurrection Sunday

We spent Sat night and Resurrection Sunday with Grandad and Grandmom :)  We had a wonderful time!!  They stuffed us full of good food and the kids played til their hearts content.

We woke up Sunday morning to go to worship are the kids in their Easter outfits.  They are VERY proud that they picked them out themselves.  Especially Iris who asked several adults....

"Do you think I look beautiful in my Easter dress?"
"Yes, you look very beautiful."
"But do you think I did a wonderful job picking it out?"
"Yes, you did a wonderful job."
"And did you see my sweater that matches?"

They had an egg hunt after worship....

We went back to Grandad's and I tortured every one by taking more pictures :)  (these are all with Grandmom's mine is still sick)

Then, after lunch, Grandad put together a kid-sized "train" and drove them down to where Grandmom's eggs were they could get MORE eggs!

here they are taking off over the creek

picking up eggs in unison...

It was a lovely day!  Good fellowship with family :)


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