Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hunting Eggs at the Farm

The day before Easter, we went to my Aunt Sissy's house (um...her name isn't actually Sissy).  She always has family, church family and friends over, makes baskets for ALL THE KIDS.  (this is a BIG deal)  They have food for everyone, do a presentation of ressurection eggs, have the hunt and just hang out.

Nina and Lu going on a hayride :)

Daddy's least for the moment.

Sissy's incredible buffet...

Stephen and Clyde on the 4-wheeler...

Family and friends singing to my cousin's little girl, Taryn.  Haven't seen her in YEARS!

Papa and Clyde.

All the kids listening to the Resurrection Egg story...

Lu opening her basket and hugging her new bunny :)  She's decided it's a name yet.

Iris eagerly opening her basket...

Couldn't resist this extra one of Lu just because she's so lovely in it :)

Good times!

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