Friday, August 26, 2011

Our First Stitches (warning- pictures)

We have miraculously managed to go 9 and 1/2 years without a child getting stitches.  And though I'm late posting about this big event, I felt it needed to be documented :)

We were out of town on business and were also getting to visit with some of our out of town friends.  We invited them to our hotel's pool and got to hang out and enjoy it for all of three minutes.  Iris had apparently, out of fear of drowning, decided it would be better to jump into the pool very close to the pool wall instead of out into the middle of the water.  Then, mid-jump, she spun around and brought her chin crashing down on the concrete wall.

All the kids were terrified for her.  She was afraid she was going to die.  All adults involved, I'm happy to say, managed to remain calm.  We quickly got everyone in dry clothes and took her to the hospital.

She got seven.  We had an iffy Dr.  While, it appears he did a fabulous job with the stitches themselves, he lacked a little skill in dealing with children.  He also refused to numb her further when it was obvious she was in pain.  But she was quite a trooper and didn't fight, or scream.  While he stitched away, she would just say, "OW" and kind of flinch while big ole tears rolled down her face.

The next day she was as good as new and played with her friends like nothing ever happened!

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