Friday, May 25, 2012

Colonial Class Heap o' Pics

Lucy attended a very unique class taught by a wonderful lady from our church.  This year it was based on the Colonial time period.  Lu screamed when she got the invitation.  She picked out pattern & fabric, I sewed her dress, and she LIVED for Tuesdays!!  Iris repeatedly let me know that "Colonial dresses are soooo pretty *sigh*" and she was surprised with one the morning of the tea room field trip.  And she tagged along for some "class" events :)

I saved up most of my pics thinking I'd just pick a few at the end of the year for one big post.  I really should have spread it out.  Too late now.  If you don't just ADORE my kids, stop HERE!


Christmas Tea Time with the girls

Twelfth Night Ball

Hoop & Stick

They each made handcrafted Valentine's for one another!


Knitting grass in their free time ;)

Field trip to Tea Room

 Iris was allowed to participate in yard games at the end of class periods.

At the Tavern Dinner, Lucy sits with a Colonial Clyde. 

Lucy Graduates and receives her embroidered fan bag...

and a hat, Miss Edyne made for her.

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