Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tickets For 4 Adults and 9 Kids, Please!

We had the MARVELOUS opportunity of going to Dollywood with the W family.  Even with schools being out and thunderstorms, we managed to have a BLAST!

The boys did a good bit of roller coastering & the big kids spent a chunk of time on a ropes course.  I got NO pics of these two events.  But without further ado...

Clyde and Pierce cutting up on the tram...

Pierce caught a frog hopping through the bakery courtyard.

Lucy and Lilly on Lumberjack Lift.  (say it fivetimesfast)

Teva and I on Lumberjack Lift...

Amy and Iris on Lumberjack Lift...

Would you believe, we didn't plan this?

Little girl hatchlings

Iris and Land sharing a poncho.  He's holding her elbow so she doesn't fall!! 

Lu and Meg giggling in their poncho

Lucy and the gemstones she mined.  She did this in lieu of of receiving a gift from the tooth-fairy for the tooth she lost in Sevierville.

Iris ponders all the pretty, shiny things and what she could do with them.

Ada joins her.

Clyde loves to admire the arrowheads.  I was very proud.  He only bought one.

Lilly dipping her candle.  Lucy blows it dry for her ;)

Meg smiles with her candle in between dips.

Lucy holds Teva while waiting in line for the Veggie Tales Coaster.

Waiting for it to start!!!

I think Land really liked the pigs :)

Ada and Teva didn't really want to leave the pigs.

Land on the ducks..

Teva and Ada on the bumblebees...

Amy and Teva ready to take off in their flying elephant...

And Stephen took my favorite pic!  Thrilled faces on the Shooting Star :)...


  1. i can't wait to do this with my kiddos in a few years. season passes are pretty reasonable compared to single ticket prices.

  2. We get them for Christmas from My Dad and Step-mom! Such a good idea, as we really don't need more toys. And we remind the kids everytime we go, that Grandad and Grandmom paid for our day(s) of fun!