Friday, May 25, 2012

We Play

This is what happens when Mom and I take Lucy, Clyde, Iris, Felicity, Lissie, Leonora Leonore, and Octavia to the playground....

Iris "rock" climbs.

Felicity gets a zipline ride from her Mom and Great-Grandma.

Clyde swings.

Iris teaches Leonora Leonore to "rock" climb.

Lucy pushes Felicity and Lissie on the swings.

 Clyde climbs.

 Iris tries to swing across monkey rings that are way to high for her and surprises herself :)

Lucy coaches Felicity and Lissie as they climb.

Clyde leaps large tires in a single bound.

Iris swings with Leonora Leonore and Octavia.

Lucy swings with NeNa.

Clyde jumps.  And jumps.  Because nothing outlasts the energizer bunny.

 Yeah...we kinda rock the dolls and the jumping beans around here.

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