Monday, June 11, 2012

Fairy House

Lucy and her two DEAR friends put GREAT efforts into building a fairy house.  You know, JUST IN CASE they're real.  They're not convinced, but it would be a SHAME if they were real and we didn't do anything for them.

Here's their pantry for food storage.

The woven grass pallet atop a mossy mattress for a bed.

The dining room table, complete with Fairy's first meal as a house warming gift.

Here we have a complete shot of the house and the garden next to it, which has a built in plumbing system as its water supply.  Notice the rain barrier of moss around the house.  The idea is, the moss will absorb any waterflow, preventing flooding and home destruction.

The construction and amenities were not quite enough of a welcome, however, so the girls quickly got started on fairy food.  They made oatmeal, bread, cornbread and cakes.

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