Monday, June 11, 2012

Life Lately

Iris has gotten rather addicted to the camera lately.  One day I'll have a post full of her pictures, but for now, a self portrait :)

Lucy's dolls have been ever busy.  Thus, she has really been taking lots of pictures to keep up with all the memories.  Here they are doing each other's hair and listening to music.

We had a sort of baby shower for my niece, Erica, who is expecting her first baby!  A boy!!

We casually left the final Sisters Grimm book laying in the van for Lucy to discover.

Just this past week, we had music camp at church...sort of a VBS, if you will.
While I was helping with this....

The kiddos were doing this....

Also, I recently found this sign, posted by Clyde, on the door to the basement.

 Shortly after, I discovered this sign, posted by Iris.  
Translation- "I am running to Antarctica, so I can't buy the batteries."

Yeah.  Not sure about that one.  :)

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