Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dyan's Birthday

We recently drove south a dab, along with Dad, Janet, Sherry & David to meet up with my AWESOME step-siblings, Bobby, Dyan & Brent for Dyan's birthday!

First we ate  (I kept meaning to recapture this shot WITH Janet in it, but alas)...

Here is an analogy, for free, to you, from me.
Giraffe is to Aunt Dyan as Moose is to Grandad.

Dyan opened cards.  Here are the ones from the kids...

Janet made birth announcement bars for Dyan ;)    (makes us feel like we were there....well not really, but they're still really neat!)

Then we went to play disc golf!!  (I particularly love the shots where the frisbee has flown out of the picture and you're left looking like you're posing funny!)
 Bobby and Iris sparring with their pink frisbees...
Birthday girl retrieving her frisbee...

Next, cupcakes!!

Then, we all tried a little jumping rope....unfortunately my camera died when the REALLY cool jumping happened!  Uncle Bobby can bust a move whilst jumpin....just sayin.
Happy Birthday, Dyan!!

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