Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Day

My children got completely showered with Valentines this year.  Of course, we're a bit spoiled, not much of holiday can go by without a little pampering from Momma or the grandparents.

First, Grandmom and Grandad surprised them with hamster webkinz, then they got cards and candy from Nana, and cards and money from Nena and Papa.  So, thankyou Grandad & Grandmom, Nana, and Nena & Papa, they thoroughly enjoyed their grandparent-love!!

They, of course, had their homeschool party, where they each got a box full of fun valentines from their friends.  And, in spite of all this, I tried, but couldn't resist having something small for them Valentine's morning.  I made them each a bookmark from a paint sample (thanks pinterest!), gave them each a pencil, and the girls got a few Squinkies, while Clyde received a mystery lego figure.  I gave a deep sigh of relief when I heard him yell in excitement after opening it and I finally knew for sure it wasn't a 'girly' lego figure!

Because they are at their Aunt Sherry & Uncle David's house this weekend, this was the only valentine I could track down (oh where oh where could the others be)...this is Clyde's bookmark, unfortunately, Iris picked it up with wet hands and smeared it a bit....totally couldn't tell if Clyde was upset by this or not, but you can still see what it looks like :)

We tried to do school as quickly as possible, pick up some Chik-fil-A, and get to the local zoo!  They have some new foxes (and other animals) that Clyde has been just itching to see.

The wanted a picture with the Capybara...they're always so impressed that it's the world's largest rodent.  Sometimes their excitement leads me to believe that they think that THIS PARTICULAR capybara is the world's largest rodent.

The kids really wanted me to get some close ups of a couple of animals...forgive me...
One of the newish jaguars...

The kids must have spent a full 20-30 minutes playing with the cotton-top tamarins.  They've had these little monkeys as long as they can remember, but they've never been this entertained by them.  They kept jumping over and putting their hands against the kids hands and trying to lick them through the glass.  Iris fell madly in love and literally started crying (real tears!) when she found out that you can't keep tamarins as pets without a special license.

We had several cool encounters that we don't normally have.  The crowned African cranes put on quite the rhythmic concert for us.  Lucy sang lullabies to the goats.  A peacock walked right up to us and fanned out his tail...I was late with the camera. 

Then Clyde starts singing, "I'm a pretty girl peacock, spread your tail back out for meeeeee!"  The girls and I were cracking up.

We got to see one of the Snow Leopard kittens.  Her momma came out yowling like crazy for her, but she refused to answer.  The closer Momma got, the more hunkered down Baby got until finally Momma rounded the corner and Baby pounced on her.  Then we watched them wrestle a while.

The main event was the Fennec foxes!!  For some reason, the new meerkats weren't feeling the love.  The kids said "aaaawwww" so much, I started cracking up :)

As we were leaving I was just strolling by the crow cage when all of a sudden it said "Hi!" in my ear like a person, quite loudly.  I jumped and screamed.  The kids thought this was quite delightful.  

We dropped Clyde off to go rock climbing with Stephen and the girls wanted to do something girlish.  Immediately, I thought, "I've never had their nails done!"  For that matter I only had MINE done on my wedding day.  So I took them to a random nail shop.  Here's what they chose!

Final close-ups...
It was a very fun Valentine's Day!  It was sad that we didn't get to hang out with Daddy more (except Clyde), but that's just how it is sometimes, but the company was fabulous just the same!

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