Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Party

This year, I PLANNED on having a valentine's party for the homeschool families from church at my house.  I did a kind of poor job putting the thing together.  First, I accidentally left out some DEAR families :(  Secondly, I realized, late in the game, that my house would not safely hold that many children so  party would have to be moved.  Thirdly, I did not plan any activities in preparation for possible bad weather.

With all that said, aside from the missing families, it went quite well!

We anticipated 39 children at one point, so my kids each went off to make 38 valentines. 

Iris made foam heart tic-tac-toe boards.  They look like this on the back...that's an envelope holding small foam hearts for the recipient to use in playing tic-tac-toe.

Here is the front of the board, I put some of the small hearts from the envelope on the front, so you could see what it looks like while being played.

Here she is with her decorated box (I wrapped it in pink for her and let her go to town on it.) and her 38 valentines.  She had separate piles for girls & boys.

Clyde made little alien valentines for the boys...

And he put a tag on some little puzzle rings for the girls...

Here he is with his box and 38 valentines.  He saw a kit to make a box the other day, but it cost $13.  I told him I could do it for free with what we had at home.  So I surprised him with this box the morning of the party and he was quite happy with it!

Lucy made felt fortune 'cookies'.  Here is one up close. 

 She made up some pretty cute & random things to insert into the 'cookies' and then signed the back...

Here she is with her box (I wrapped hers in pink too, and then let her decorate it.) and her 38 valentines!

A local church let us meet in their sanctuary/fellowship hall for free!!  Gotta send them a thank you!  The kids and I got there early to decorate...

My strawberry cupcakes!  They didn't taste as strawberry as I hoped, BUT they are dairy, artificial dye, treenut, peanut, orange, coconut, and artificial flavor FREE!!  Not only that, but they turned out cute!!  Which is hard without dye, people!

Here are the kids....I missed a table of boys :(

The playground was cold and wet, but the kids didn't mind too much.  They definitely went home muddier than they came!

Happy Valentines Day!!

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