Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lucy & I See Rock City

Back in June, Stephen and I asked the younger two kids if they would like to go to music camp.  Oddly enough, Clyde was really pumped about it... this from the kids who was determined NOT to go only a couple of years ago.  Iris was more reticent, but gave in so she could see her friends.

Lucy was too old to attend this year, which was part of the reason we even considered doing it... food allergies and music camp.... not so compatible.  However, she was quite sad about missing it :(  So, I determined that she and I would do some fun stuff.  She really just enjoyed sleeping in and reading, but a couple of days we got out and just did fun stuff.  One day we saw Maleficent in the theater.  We LOVED it!  When I asked what she would pick if she could pick ANYTHING, she said.... Rock City!

So we took a little trip and "saw Rock City."  I haven't been since Clyde was in an infant carrier!  Here are some of the highlights :)

The sunny part at the beginning with map in  hand...

Somehow, I think the fun of "Fat Man Squeeze" is lost on Lucy.  She acts like she appreciates it, but she has what my Dad would call "only one stripe on her pajamas," after all.

She was SO VERY BRAVE for a girl afraid of heights!  She chose the swinging bridge!

While on it, we encountered this little fellow!

I love how I can make it look like Lucy is this close to me, while standing over Lover's Leap....

When really she is this "close"...

Here's our view of Lover's Leap...

Someone offered to take our picture :)  Love those people!

Had to get the "See Rock City" pic.

We encountered a few of these neat hollowed out log swings on our journey.  That was new.

Rainbow Hall!

Her favorite part!  FairyTale Caverns!

We both love the sparkly room!  It's not nearly so sparkly in pictures as in real life /:

Then when we got to her highly anticipated FairyTale Table, she was all aglow!  Get it?  Ha ha!  I know, you forgot to laugh!

Lucy and her favorite part of Rock City!

Here we are as gnomes ;)

 That's All Folks!!

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  1. I still have never taken my kids - gotta do that some time! Although, I don't do heights at all.....

    Lucy is getting so big, when did our girls grow up? *sigh* And, I always offer to take pictures of people that look like they need a group shot, drives Jason crazy, but I know they will appreciate it a lot when they get home looking at photos. :)