Sunday, August 17, 2014

Go Go Jonah!

While Lucy and I hung out together for a week back in June, Clyde and Iris went to Music Camp.  Iris somewhat enjoyed herself, but Clyde made up for all the other years and fell in LOVE with it!

He was totally pumped when he got in the car on Tuesday and told us he was going to be a yeoman of Joppa!  I was very excited for him.  He kept talking about the dance, but I thought he meant it was a dance that everyone did, so I was so surprised when he and four of his buddies got up and just the five of them performed it :)

Iris was pretty pumped because she had a line she got to say by herself :)

The whole group!  Biggest group they've had, I believe.

Iris singing...

Clyde being a yeoman of Joppa...

and throwing Jonah overboard...

Mom & Sherry with the kids..

The kids and I...

Here's a video of highlights!  I narrowed it down to about 6 minutes.  If you don't just adore watching video of my children, I recommend that you skip to 1:26 on it  and just watch a few seconds :)

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