Sunday, March 1, 2015

Another Fall Festival

We dropped in on another local fall festival and got to experience a little bit of yesteryear.

Making of sorghum

Clyde intensely wanted to look at this abandoned hammered dulcimer and got way too close to it in the opinion of his musician Mommy.  But as I shooed him away from it, its owner came over and invited us all closer and gave us a beautiful demonstration.

They all liked the looms, especially Lu.

I really want some of these for whenever I finally paint my kitchen!!

This lady and her friends gave Lucy a thorough demonstration on the many ways to spin alpaca wool into yarn.

We gave each of the kids a bit of money.  Lucy bought raw alpaca wool (then Nena got her a drop spindle in her stocking) , Clyde bought a slingshot and boomerang, and Iris bought a bow and arrow.

Had a great time!!  Adore local festivals!!

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