Saturday, June 6, 2015

Fun with the Grandad and Grandmom

Grandad and Clyde played Khet, a strategy game involving lasers and mirrors.  Clyde typically wins strategy games with whoever he plays, but I'm not sure about this round.  He's playing with the person, from whom I'm fairly certain he got that trait.

What movie time at Grandad and Grandmom's looks like.  I think we watched either Avengers or Big Hero 6.

Find Clyde!

Lu decided to climb too :)

It was too cool for snakes so we got the VERY rare pleasure of hiking with Grandmom!!

Clyde getting to enjoy the rare treat of holding a kitty.  Meet Honey.

A big game of Imaginiff!  This is a WONDERFUL family game for those of you who are fellow board game enthusiasts!!!  So fun!

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