Saturday, June 6, 2015

Valentine's Party '15

Valentine's was not coming to me easily this year (I still haven't even had 'friend' b-day parties for my kids...guess that means I won't.) but I always like planning one for the homeschool families from my church, because when I think about my school experience, it's one of those things I really enjoyed.  Decorating bags/boxes, making/signing valentines for everyone and getting to read them all afterward, it was just something I loved.  I really want my kids to have those memories even though they're not in school.  I just sighed this year and thought it was probably not going to happen.

But my friend, Mandi, offered to have it at her house if I still wanted to invite all the families (hope I remembered everyone...always worries me...let me know if I missed you!).  So out went the email.  She had some goodies, I brought some cupcakes, and she cute!  She also had a table ready for all the bags/boxes.  So the kids just started passing valentines out like crazy...along with some moms for the littler non-readers.  So here's WAY too many pics of THAT :)  And not good pics at that!  All I had was my iphone, so I stood on a chair and just snapped the madness, hoping to get every child at some point!

Afterwards, we had healthy snacks and dye/milk/nut-free cupcakes,  hung out, talked and just absorbed each other's company!!

Thank you, Mandi, for making it happen...even with bad ankles!!

And after all that hanging out a couple of us went out for lunch because we were hungry again!

And, Mindy, you and your crew sure were missed!!!

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