Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Clyde Gets Glasses

So, recently, Stephen and I started suspecting that Clyde couldn't see very well from a distance.  Thus, we took him to have his eyes examined.  We were indeed correct, the boy couldn't see.  But he didn't believe it.  He shook his head pityingly at us, that we were naive enough to think he couldn't see just fine and would list all the things that he could see, "just how I'm supposed to see them."

A few days later, the girls and I took him to the mall to pick out his glasses.  He gravitated toward blue, surprising even himself.  While we waited for one of his pairs to get finished that day, we got to have an impromptu lunch with friends!!

Then we did some free advertising!  You're welcome, Hallmark!!

Then we picked up the glasses, and this was his reaction when he unsuspectingly slid them on his face the first time....

He was SO excited.  He actually teared up a few times and couldn't say why.  When we got home, he just stood outside peering around.

And he looked just so darn handsome!!

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