Thursday, July 2, 2015

Resurrection Sunday!

We have actually NEVER, as a married couple, attended our own church for a Resurrection service.  Clyde was supposed to go on a camping trip, but due to unforeseen circumstances he and his best friend McKellan had a multi-night sleepover instead.  We got him back Sunday morning. 

Here's our Easter service...

Here's Clyde...PASSED OUT in his father's arms.  He got very emotional when we tried to get him to stand for the first hymn, so we gave up and this happened.  Only he can't scrunch up nicely in his Daddy's lap as he once was able, his legs now crossed the laps of his mother AND his sister. When he woke up, he was VERY disoriented.

Then we went to Nena's and had a lovely lunch!!  Thanks Nena & Papa.

Made kids stand for a few pics...

Then the kids opened their baskets.  I tried to not go overboard, but also make the gifts SOMEWHAT practical.

Then Sherry and Papa delivered them to the park where Mom, Stephen and I hid the eggs.  They had to wait...ready, set, go!  So glad the big ones are still willing to do this!  It's never been a question, they've never asked me if they're too old, so we just keep going :)

hunting eggs...

Mom, Lu, and I climbing a tree...

group shots!!
He is Risen!!!

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