Saturday, August 8, 2015

Midas's Golden Touch

Clyde followed in Lucy's footsteps and took drama this school year.  His class ended up doing Midas's Golden Touch.

His auditions fell during my panicky period where I was NOT paying attention to anything school related.  He takes after me, though and did not pay any attention, himself.  So we TOTALLY missed auditions.  I sent a HUGE, SINCERE apology to his teacher.  She responded very kindly that she had already cast him, based on what she knew of him in their in class exercises.  (His progress reports repeatedly said that he was a "hoot.") 

He got the part of Prince Ajax, fiance of King Midas's daughter, Princess Penelope.  I tried to tease him and ask him if his fiance was pretty, he totally didn't bat an eyelash, but blurted with admiration, "She can work a rubicks cube with one hand in 5 seconds!!"  Wow!  At least he has his priorities straight :), I thought, smart and talented over looks.  But, people, she was stunning!

So here's my boy bowing to the king and his wife...

Sitting with his mother, Queen Alexandra,

Here he is pulling his gift for the princess onto the stage (a unicorn)

Here he collapses from the effort....

Supporting Princess Penelope, who is saddened that a bird was turned to gold...


 At the end with family :)  We were on our way to get him flowers, when we realized, he'd probably prefer the money to be spent on legos!

So fun to see the kids on stage!!  Awesome job, Clyde!

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