Sunday, August 23, 2015

Quick Silver

Our white mini-van was biting the dust in oh-so-many ways!!!

One Saturday we headed out to look for a used Odyssey.  We had the hardest time at first!!  Honda just didn't have them...we headed to other luck.  Finally, as we were about to head back home to get ready for a wedding, we saw TWO!!  They were in an Acura lot.

So after leaving the main decision to Stephen (they were both pretty great) Clyde and I test drove it since I would be the main one driving it.  I REALLY liked it, but Clyde fell MADLY in love.  He sang its accolades the whole while!

We liked.  We purchased.  We named it Quick Silver, from Marvel Age of Ultron.

Then we headed to a wedding... marveling over the bells and whistles!!
Grateful God gave us a reliable vehicle when we needed it!
( I have since bumped both sides of the front bumper.... bad spacial reasoning. )

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