Sunday, August 23, 2015

Elizabeth & Jesse

It has been SO LONG since we have been to a wedding!  The last one we attended was for the daughter of our senior pastor, who now has two daughters...that's how long it's been.  I ADORE  weddings and have been really bummed everytime we've had to miss one.

But, all of a sudden, we were invited to two, that we were actually going to be able to attend!  Yay!

The first was for a church friend named Elizabeth.  She was going to be marrying her long time boyfriend, Jesse.  It was a gorgeous and Godly wedding, we were so honored to be there!!

Here's the mother-of-the-bride escorted by eldest son.  Their whole family is in our church shepherding group. :)

Some of the bridal party that we actually know well...

Wedding ceremony...

Fun at reception!!

 Congratulations to Jesse and Elizabeth!!  They've been married almost 3 months now!!

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