Sunday, September 6, 2015

Civil War School

This was Lucy's last year of Mrs. E's historical girls' classes.  She completed four years:  first Colonial girls, then prairie girls, then Victorian girls, and, lastly, Civil War girls.  I did an entry back last fall about the kick off to Civil War girls.  The students had the option of participating in the annual Tunnel Hill reenactment.  They showed up in full costume, "lived" in tents, taught visiting students historical dances, and took a tour of Tunnel Hill.

Here are some pictures I took throughout the year...

trying on her costume before I hemmed the skirt, she was SO pumped about getting to wear a hoop skirt!  Taking this in front of so much lush grass probably wasn't a good idea...she's almost camouflaged ;)

in class....

yard games....

They sometimes go to nursing homes and do fashion shows.  This was Lucy's costume for this year... it was a homespun dress.  Homespun was what the Southern ladies wore after the south lost the war.

 They had a literary where they (and their siblings) had the opportunity to get up in front of an audience and play music, sing, juggle...whatever.

Clyde recited Lewis Carroll's "The Crocodile."

Iris recited the 23 Psalm.

Lucy, Courtney, and Rose recited a poem called "Gossip Town."

The group sang.  There were at least double this many girls who got up to sing for us, but I couldn't get a good angle of them all.

Later in the year, the weather was nice for outdoor activities and picnics....

 Then finally, the graduation tea came.  Since Lu normally gets warm at these functions, I swapped out her traditional long sleeve blouse for a short sleeve one and tried to dress it up with an old fashioned collar from Nana.

When Mrs E called her name, each girl would go up, have her picture taken with Mrs E, get her certificate, and was then allowed to choose a unique teacup and saucer as a special gift.

It was a WONDERFUL four years!!  Lucy has appreciated Mrs E and her classes so much!  She was sad for it to end!  But now... her little sister starts the whole thing over again :)

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