Sunday, September 13, 2015

"Does This Count As School?"

It's kind of funny (and probably not very nice) how some of us homeschool moms are SO relieved when everybody else goes back to school, because then we get "OUR" pools, jumpy houses, fountains, cardboarding hills, etc... back.  Like they're actually ours or something. 

And though we recognize that it is a sort of unkind thought, it's universally agreed among us that it sure is less stressful.  No crazy counting of your kids.  No making sure a big kid hasn't stepped on your little one, or your big one hasn't stepped on someone's little one.  Cause there's only about 10 kids in a huge warehouse of space.  Moms (and dads) just sit back and chillax!  Unless you're crazy like me and have to run around and take pictures of everything. :D 

Nena, Sherry, and I took the kids to a local indoor trampoline/obstacle place to play during school hours and you could hear lots of giggles from the sparse number of moms when a random child would inevitably say, "Mom, does this count as school?"

Homeschool kids ask this question a LOT about all kinds of things.  When they are little, we mostly answer, "yes!"  But as they get older, they more often hear, "no."  But this.... this definitely counts as P.E!!!

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