Monday, September 7, 2015

Nana Moves In

We are now a three generation household.  This is very common and even envied in other cultures.  It's kind of interesting that it's not generally that way here too.  But it's been a blessing to all of us... hopefully that includes Bobbi too ;)

The last time Stephen's mom came to visit, Stephen and I decided to invite her to come live with us.  We knew it would be quite a change for her.  She's lived in North Carolina all her life.  It's where all her friends and family are, except for her kids.

She thought about it a little while, and then accepted.  As soon as she did the kids had an utter fit of elation.  Then the changing of the house started.  By the time she got here we had a rail up in the living room and had a bedroom ready for her.

Stephen's brother, Donnie, and nephew, Mason, brought Bobbi and all her belongings out here to Tennessee.

Here was our little "Welcome Home" set-up.

And here's Bobbi walking into her new room for the first time!

Donnie actually drove her here on his birthday, so once we unpacked all of Nana's boxes, we all went to PFChangs for Donnie's birthday.  So here's Bobbi with two of her sons.

Clyde and Mason hit it off.

The kids are loving having Nana here! 

But they sometimes try to take over her very clean, organized and inviting room to play in.  We're working on that.

 Stephen loves finally being near his mom again.  And I'm starting to feel like she's always been here.  Other than her working too hard by making all the meals and cleaning EVERYTHING, and making me lazy, I have no complaints and feel very blessed to have her here.

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