Thursday, September 28, 2017

Hanging at Grandad and Grandmom's

Still back posting for fall of 2016

One of our visits to Grandmom's and Grandad's...

This is right after they built their new deck.  The kids had a blast on it, and it was a nice spot for everyone to hang out.

Always fun to play with Grandad's amazing elephant ears and bamboo!

David was dreadfully excited!  ;)

This is Grandad's amazing Great Pyranese-German Shepherd, SarahBeth.  She's the one who intentionally took a rattlesnake bite for him.  If it happens to your dog....apparently benedryl can help, but it was still scary and a close call.  Such a good dog!

I'm only upset that I don't actually have pics of Grandad and Grandmom.... because I only took video of them on this trip!  oops. :(

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