Friday, September 29, 2017

One of my FAVORITE Halloween's ever!!

still backposting for fall 2016

This Halloween was AHmazing!!  Not only was I thrilled that my kids wanted to dress- up AT ALL, since they're 14, 12, and 10!  (A lot of kids feel too old to dress-up at this age or are embarrassed if they do) ...but mine were ALL GOING TO COORDINATE!  They all decided together to be a Harry Potter character, which was cool, since this was the year we all read the books and watched the movies for the first time.

Lucy was Luna Lovegood and did a fabulous job of being very chill and spaced out while talking in Luna's dreamy voice.  She made some adorable choices like her radish earrings and butterbeer-cap necklace (like in the book, NOT the cork in the movie) ;)

Clyde was Gilderoy Lockhart and relished acting like the overdramatic, egotistical professor!  He played a very active roll in picking out his wand (they don't sell Lockhart's anywhere), and his pastel suit and cravat.  It was hard curling an puffing up his hair, but really funny.

Iris was Hermione Granger, and took a while to settle on her uniformed look instead of one of the other outfits.  She bought herself, Hermione's light-up wand and was very particular when it came to choosing a ACCURATE looking time turner.  Her Brittish accent was on constantly and she relished correcting people and raising her hand.

Get ready for some pictures, people...

 First stop was a local church's fall festival.  They have one every year.  This one is so great, they have tons of games, a huge amount of the people show up who get to go on hayrides, pet animals, play games and get loved on and invited to church.  They have an allergen friendly basket at every booth.  It's so neat!!

Gilderoy Lockhart heroically killing the bean bag toss.

 Hermione ran into Ron Weasley while were there!!  Oh my goodness, I love this picture!!!  And I don't even know this kid.

Luna and Hermione cheering on Professor Lockhart in a neck and neck car race!

 Then mom takes them all for a photo shoot...because she doesn't have enough pics already.


getting into character...

Just ... you know... having a wand :)

being cute

and cuter still

at our church's Reformation Celebration....

Hogwarts meets Chik-fil-a....

Then we get to the Tennessee Valley Railroad museum for their Halloween thingy.... really, we just needed to be around a train so we could ride the Hogwart's Express!!!

While there, we ran into the boy who lived!!

Hermione put her lumos spell to good use while on the Express....

Sherry came with us on this venture!! <3 p="">

the fun house....  (even though the TVRM's halloween party is for younger kids, it was still super fun... well, except for the story time, but we survived.)

 On to Nena and Papa's church festivities, where they were hard at work...

Was an awesome Halloween!!!

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