Thursday, September 28, 2017

Where I Turn 36...

still backposting fall of 2016

So I turned 36.  Not sure how I'm feeling about all this getting older stuff.  But I sure do have the sweetest of lovebugs around me!!

Sherry dropped off a balloon bouquet and gift card wrapped around a bottle of water, from Voss.... because we've been to Voss.  Yes, you should be jealous, Voss is gorgeous and the water is delish!!

Momma took me out to eat and to buy me stuff.  Always super sweet and fun, but this time we actually got a pic!!

Stephen and the kids got me a little coconut cake and made me a paper hat to start off the streamer-laden festivities.

Then Stephen let me read a super sweet blog entry he wrote about me (his blog is typically dedicated to information security so I was SUPER surprised.  It made me cry.

Twas a good birthday! :)

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