Saturday, January 2, 2010

Digit Decor

Sooo...I have felt irrational nervousness about my first post. For some reason, I keep thinking I have to wait for something very important to happen before I can write my first post. So, just to spite myself, I'm going to write about something very trivial. Fingernails. I've never understood the obsession that many have with their nails. I try every once in a while to paint mine...but my nails stay short and I chew them alot. Whenever I'm around a lot of people with manicured, well painted and bejeweled nails, I feel a little self-conscious. But the real mystery to me lately is this... I always figured that all the ladies out there who LOVE well manicured nails had mothers who nurtured this trait. You can imagine my surprise when my own two daughters REALLY wanted manicure-ish related articles for Christmas. I thought...okay, why not. So.... Lucy got a konad nail kit and Iris got some jewels for her itty-bitty baby nails. I'm posting some pictures of the finished product. For those of you not familiar with paint your nails with regular polish, paint special polish into a stenciled design, scrape off the excess paint, lift the wet polish image out of the stencil with a flat rubber stamp and then stamp it onto your nail. If you think this sounds complicated, YOU HAVE NO IDEA. It is BEYOND complicated! It is a nightmare. I literally screamed out loud once...right in front of darling Lucy. Iris's nails were pretty easy. Does this mean I'm going to be doing nails alot?? Just wondering. And where did they get this great desire to have their nails done all the time? It's not from their friends, and it certainly did not come from me!


  1. I never do my nails and Madeline begs me constantly. (I tell her that's what babysitters are for.)

    Welcome to blogging! :)

  2. Welcome to the blog world!

    Don't worry about having interesting things to talk about. Just blog =)

  3. they actually make nail pens now, where you can skip the stencil and draw your own pictures onto your nails with pens that come off using regular nail polish remover.