Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Clyde 6-year-old Birthday Dinner in pictures :)

So, there is an annual tradition of Mom and Paul taking each of our children out to the restaurant of his/her choice for their birthday. This starts whenever a particular child is old enough to ask why they've never had a birthday dinner.

This year Clyde chose Ichiban... it is his very favorite. He calls it the "Fire Restaurant". My girls hate it. After dinner to this hated/loved eating establishment we went to Mom's to open presents.

I apologize in advance for selecting way to many pictures!
Iris was very UNimpressed with the antics and most assuredly, the fire. This is right before she started sobbing....you won't see any pics of Lucy, she had to be taken out by Auntie Sherry.

The fire, the chef balancing an egg over his head, the insane chopping up of veggies! He loves it all!

"Momma, I love these mushrooms!"
"Momma, these onions are SO good!"
"Wow! This cabbage is great!"
This boy loves ANYTHING as long as it's Japanese food.

He unconsciously pounds his fist to the beat of our rendition of "Happy Birthday".

Nothing says "I love you" like a long coveted mechanical grabber!
You never know when you might need it in the superhero business.

"Sherry! You got me a Spiderman suit, cause my old one tore up!"
Yes, folks....you always need an updated, intact Spiderman suit...what would happen if disaster caught you unprepared?!

He opened his SHARK book from us. Only a book about dangerous or gruesome animals can keep this boy's attention.

Clyde displaying his new slinky from Iris

Nina and Papa got him a Wii game with *gasp* SILVER SURFER in it!!

Iris examines Clyde's new SHARK book, yelling, "Clyde! Clyde! Come look.... at all the BLOOD!!!!" Enthusiastically, Clyde obliges,"That is SO awesome!!"


  1. That picture of Iris is priceless! haha All of the pics are really cute! happy birthday Clyde!