Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lavender the Ferret

I guess it would be stating the obvious to say that we got a ferret. This is after 2 plus years of reading about pets that might be good for my dog/cat allergic daughter. I am a dog/horse person. I know nothing about rodents, pot-bellied pigs, weasels, goats, birds, etc.

So if you feel so inclined to pray for us....say that our new weaselish animal will not electrocute herself/our house by chewing wires....or maybe for Lucy to not develop an allergy so her heart does not get broken AGAIN, that would be much appreciated.

So far we like our new pet. The kids are a little skittish, cause they know she nips. But she is hysterical. At first I was afraid that the jumping side to side, clicking, hissing, chasing and hair bristling meant she either hated us or had distemper. Turns out lots of new ferret owners think this. It's her way of being happy. Hmmm....who knew?
Can you tell who likes her the most??? Actually, Stephen does. (weird - since he said "I don't want a weasel" when I first broached this option) But Clyde comes in a close second. He loves her soooooo much. Even better than the Wii!!!

I find it ironic that we have named a creature which is notorious for stinking after an herb that is notorious for aromatherapy and perfume qualities. Oh well. That's what happens when you allow your kids to name the new family pet. Stephen and I were voting for "Stinker".

We read that containers filled half-way with rice make a good digging toy. Don't worry, we didn't trap her in there. There are two holes in the lid.
And there she is, poking her head out of one. So there you go....our new pet, Lavender. Hope this turns out to be a pleasant adventure.


  1. the rice bucket is awesome!!! hope the new addition works out :)

  2. good idea on the rice bucket. and yes, they are kind of stinky. we grew up with several. they would always run off and poop in the corners. good luck!

  3. Mindy,

    Call me again anytime...we have had ferrets for over 26 years...we are on our 7th generation of them! They are wonderful and wash them once a week in ferret shampoo which helps with the smell or baby shampoo. There is also some drops that you can put in their water that helps with the smell tremendously (sp?) and we swear by it! It totally helps with the overall smells. Our ferret is Sugar Bear...he looks like he rolled in sugar and cinnamon. Have fun with her and the females are always smaller than the males!
    Sherry Baierl

  4. Aw it's adorable! Haha I hope it doesn't electrocute itself like you said...I can see that happening.