Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Papa turns 65 :)

My step-dad will henceforth be referred to as Papa, as that is what my kids call him and has, thus become the name to which I am accustomed.

He turned 65 in July! Big Birthday!!!

We were all there of course, plus Papa, Nina, Sherry, and her fiance, David. Also, my step sister Shaun, her boyfriend and her 3 girls...the lovely Erica, Ashley and Aliyah!

Shaun surprised Papa BIG TIME with a picture of Jack Nicholas signed as follows:

Dear Paul,
Happy 65th Birthday,
(some sort of closing)
Jack Nicholas

It was pretty awesome. :)

Then we swam/ dived off the diving board for 20 minutes until the thunderstorms rolled in.

So I didn't get as many awesome pictures as normal, because my mom took most of the pics and I mostly videotaped......ah well.

Happy Birthday Papa!

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