Monday, August 2, 2010

Hulk Lives Under Our House

Awhile back, shortly after we had started painting our floors, we went to the hardware store to get paint. I have been VERY blessed to have found everything I have needed thus far in the "mismixed" paint section. Basically that means I get expensive paint for $5 a can. It rocks.

So on one particularly BLESSED DAY the Home Depot (only one local HD still has $5 cans for all you local folks) had apparently mis mixed a LOT of paint. There was a wide assortment to choose from. So I looked at Clyde and said, "Clydie, what color do you want your floor to be?" I was, black, blue...any number of weird outrageous colors for a floor... What I did NOT expect was THIS....

"Mom, I want my floor to look like the road with lots of black cracks allover it and Hulk's fist busting through!"

Now go back and read his answer and imagine him jumping sky high and punching the air with much voice inflection while he's saying this.

Some people accuse me of being artistic. It's not really true. I loved his idea, but I wasn't sure that I wouldn't butcher it, so I passed it off to the Lovely Miss Emily!

Here is the magic she created!! She tolerated Clyde's critiques eloquently and continued to ask what he preferred throughout the process. She actually had a more elaborate sketch that she was going to do with chunks of rock coming out, but that wasn't what Clyde wanted and she proceeded to make it to his exact specifications :)

Thank you, Miss Emily!

And here is the happy boy!

When Daddy got home, Clyde said, "Miss Emily painted Hulks fist on my floor, it's really awesome, come look! IT'S REALLY EXCITING!!!"


  1. I think you should win some kind of "coolest mom ever" award! Most mom's would not have let him have that. I think it is awesome! Way to go, Mom, and way to go, Emily. It looks so great.

  2. I agree with the "coolest mom ever" comment! That is so awesome.

  3. That is so amazing! Any other mom would have just laughed at his comment and asked him to choose a plain color. You rock!

  4. wow, thanks yall :) I knew it was cool, but I attribute all the coolness to Emily's skilz. I'm enjoying the cool mom award you guys gave me, though. It matches my outfit.

  5. Precious and way to go Mindy and Emily! Emily it almost looks 3-D to me at certain angles...way to go and to a Cool Mom and Dad!!!

  6. That is amazing! I wish my mom had let me do something like that when I was young :) Love it!