Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bad Guys, BEWARE

I was having a hard time rolling out of bed this morning...I'm ashamed to say I was there until 9:30. What finally roused me, were 3 very serious faces hovering over mine.

"Mommy, there are 3 guys on the roof across the street"- L

"Yeah, Mommy, and we've decided that they're BAD guys" -C

"So, can we put our super hero costumes on and go fight them away?!"- I

"Guys, they're just roofers." - Me (still groggy)


Now, of course, I'm regretting my logic. I mean how cool would it have been, if I had been awake enough to realize the humor possibilities in this situation. I wish so badly, I had looked very grave and told them to "suit up". I just wonder what they would have done once I let their super-selves out of the door.

*sigh* I'll never know.

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