Monday, November 22, 2010

Clyde knows how to sleep

I ADORE sleeping pictures. I have them in excess. All three of my children exhibit their personalities in the way they sleep.

Lucy bundles up, sweet and cozy. Just like her precious precious little self. She wears warm cozy jammies and has a big puffy cloud that she wraps around herself and we have to dig around in the cloud to find her sweet face and kiss it good night.

Iris (who sleeps in the same room as Lucy) sleeps in the (ahem) buff (almost). Always! And she sleeps straight as a little board. She always looks like she's in complete control even in her sleep. She has a very queenly look on her face. She sleeps ON TOP of her covers. Always. We have given up trying to cover Her Majesty. She frowns in her sleep and kicks the offending things back off.

Now, CLYDE KNOWS HOW TO SLEEP. It is incredible. I guess it's because he's high energy ALL DAY and needs deep sleep for survival. I take lots of sleeping pictures of him, so I can show him one day, how he instantly fell asleep growing up.

You've heard of falling asleep the moment your head hits the pillow?

That's Clyde.

and yes, he really is asleep. oh, he is SO asleep.

this was taken about 2 minutes after we sent them to bed with "sleeping books".

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