Monday, November 1, 2010

Reformation Celebration/ Halloween

I ADORE costumes. I have always adored costumes. I have always dreamed of going to a masquerade ball!! My kids are the same way. I don't mind buying a new costume every year, because we don't just use it to trick-or-treat once a year...we wear them on a daily basis everywhere we go. We go to costume stores year round just for fun (but we only buy once a year).

This year was kind of weird though...Lucy always knows what she wants. As soon as one Halloween is over she knows what she wants for the next year and she NEVER changes her mind.

This year she changed from a 50's poodle skirt girl, to Jessie from Toy Story to.....well you'll see.

Iris thought she wanted to be a mermaid, but changed her mind.

Clyde took FOREVER to decide what he wanted to be...he decided at the store.

First we did trick-or at Grandad's and Grandmom's early in Oct. Then we had Reformation Celebration at church. Then we TRIED to trick-or-treat, but because of the whole Saturday vs. Sunday thing, we only got 4 or 5 houses in.

Lucy was Violet Incredible.

Iris was Wonder Woman.

Clyde was a ninja. (since he couldn't stand still for a pic, I put in 2)

Some fun pics from the Reformation Celebration.


  1. They all looked great, but Wonder Woman was AWESOME!!!!

  2. I'm with Gretchen - Wonder Woman was great! I told you last night, I have ALWAYS wanted to dress up like Wonder Woman. I LOVE that you dressed up (I wish I would have). I'm with you on the costume thing - Nathan wears something (usually 2 or 3) everyday. LOVED your pictures!

  3. I agree - they're all great, but the Wonder Woman is FAB!!

  4. haha....yeah, wonderwoman kinda stole the show :)